The sound of 2 hearts

After a couple of years of wanting to do this I have finally started a blog. The only reason I haven’t done it sooner is that I’m a bit of a tech spaz and with the very limited internet we have at home it all went in the too hard basket.

After returning from the return to zero retreat at Gymea NSW last week I realised that there really are people who are interested in what I say and do and I’m starting to believe that I should be sharing more of the stuff that fills my head.

I’ve called this the sound of 2 hearts because that’s where it’s all going to be coming from. The heart I live with and the heart I love with. A few years ago while making gingerbread men with the kids, Charley, who was 3 at the time made this one.


He was very particular about where everything was placed including two individual hearts. I was curious and asked him why he had placed two hearts on the man. Without missing a beat he told me that it was because we all have two hearts, one to live and one to love. Our love heart and our live heart. Since this moment I have realised that this explains perfectly how our love continues, long after our live heart has stopped beating, and how we continue to live despite our love heart being broken seemingly beyond repair.

And so here it begins, the sound of my hearts put into words, both living and loving sometimes in perfect unison and sometimes seemingly independent of each other.


7 thoughts on “The sound of 2 hearts

  1. Oh Louise. So very pleased that you have found your voice, a voice so longing to be heard by so many. You are an amazing lady and I am so grateful that our paths have cross, and hopefully not criss cross for many years to come.


  2. Jo and Joshie we are all in awe at the many ways you help us. Hopefully we can help you when one of your hearts are aching. Love you two so much. Love the name yoo, as being mothers we do have two hearts in us ♡♡♡♡♡♡


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