The one where my door is always open

So yesterday I reconnected with someone I haven’t seen for a very, very long time. We were never particularly close it was more a friendship by association, although we certainly have a lot of fun memories together. The point is, I know that this person has been experiencing some difficult circumstances of late. I also know they may not have been able to talk to many people, if any and their future is a little uncertain. So I decided to see what difference a little meaningful gesture made. If doing something kind on a small scale really could make a difference to someone.  


So the brief meet up, which had the potential to be a little awkward, became the two hour conversation. The little bit of meaning behind “so how are you going?” Became a real insight into what they were actually going through. And I hope lightened their load just a little bit. Of course, being me, there was a lot of laughing involved but it didn’t mean there was any less of a connection. It didn’t mean I wasn’t genuinely listening out of concern and care.

The 2 hour conversation led to an invitation to join us for dinner and it was accepted. This persons day which previously included washing and housework, picking up dog poo and cat puke now had something far more therapeutic to it. What I hoped was that they now knew they were still important to me. 

The dinner was lovely and filled with many strange looks from our children as we laughed and giggled like school children about things only we would understand. I took the gesture one step further and paid for all our meals. I hopped it might show that I genuinely wanted them there not just because i thought I should. By the end of the day I saw in that person what they were like all those years ago. That it was still there despite years of disconnection between us and many trying experiences between then and now. I hope that person now knows that my door is always open for them. Like it is for everyone. 

So the gesture of kindness, even on a small scale, can become huge. Just for a day. Just for an hour. Just for a moment. We all need moments where people show us that they actually care. Beyond the 5 second supermarket style “how are you going?” We so often  use and have become accustomed to.

I would like to say to anyone who feels the need. Please reach out to me if you want to. No matter how long it’s been. I would love to distribute more kindness to this world as it’s so desperately in need. My door is always open. 


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