The one where I know that what I know will never be enough.

Usually I try to see the world as a good place. Full of good people and ways to be happy. Every now and then I’m shown how cruel it can be on a more personal level. 

I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday who’s grandson, a 6 week old baby boy, who’s parents have just been told they are about to journey through hell, hoping to come out the other side with their precious son. 

I was totally crushed. Through my many tears I wondered. How can life be so cruel? Like many people their seemingly perfect lives have completely changed overnight. Things like this always seem to happen to the nicest people. The least deserving if you like. But we are all nice people. None of us deserve this kind of a journey. Nobody deserves this kind of journey. Especially this innocent precious baby.

Naturally this brings up the word why? Why him? Why them? Why this? Why now? Some people like to say that everything happens for a reason. I think that’s crap. Life is random, life is cruel. There could never be a reason good enough for this kind of torture. The kind where there will be suffering and uncertainty. The kind where relationships will be put to the ultimate test. Some people think infidelity is a relationship’s ultimate test. Those people do not know the horrors of journeys like this. The things they do to relationships make infidelity look like a walk in the park. 

And so I realised that what I know now or what I will know one day, will never be enough. It will never explain the whys surrounding situations like this. It will never explain the suffering or the pain in situations like this. The physical and emotional sacrifices these parents are about to make. 



One thought on “The one where I know that what I know will never be enough.

  1. Oh Louise
    The amount of years I have wondered why and how and what to a life like you talk about. But honestly I can tell you as much as it hurts it also is everlasting and it makes love and life and afterlife bond more significant
    Much love to your friend


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