The one where Iife is a roller coaster

Sometimes life gets difficult. It gets awkward and uncomfortable, unpredictable and random, unpleasant and distasteful. And it happens to all of us no matter how practiced we think we are at it, most often when we least expect it. 

Does it happen to remind us not to get too comfortable? Is it because we’ve done something “bad” previously? Or is it just the nature of the beast? The way life is? Do we really need the lows to truly appreciate the highs? The things that make us ponder our very existence, just to make us know that we’re here. On this roller coaster. Both enjoying it but being terribly scared at the same time. Allowing ourselves to get comfortable and almost forget that there is always another dip coming. Another sharp turn, another plunge into darkness. 

So if that’s what experience tells us, that there is always something around the corner either good or bad, how should we prepare ourselves for this? Were all different. Some people try not to look too far ahead and live in the moment. Some are so afraid of the dips and turns that they never appreciate the rush that comes before and after them. And some people make the most of it all. The good stuff, the bad stuff, the things in between. 

Personally I love the highs and I have learnt to appreciate the lows. I have a love hate relationship with it’s unpredictability. But sometimes I just want to get off. To have a rest. To sit this round out. Sometimes the dips are so big that I feel sick. It’s not fun anymore. I can’t enjoy it and I have to do something that looks after me. I have to go against everything that tells me to stay on and just sit it out. Just for one turn. I need to recover. Because what experience has told me is that I can only take so much. And that if I don’t sit out when I feel like this I won’t be able to get back on. And what I want most of all is to get back on and enjoy this ride we call life for exactly what it is.  



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