The one about uncertainty

Uncertainty. It’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar, anxiety provoking and downright scary. Yet at times it visits us all. Often unexpectedly. When we think we know where we’re going in life. How we feel. Who we trust. What we are capable of. How much we can handle. When we’re comfortable, happy and settled. It sneaks in to shake things up. Remind us where we have been before. Or where we never dreamed we could be. That we don’t control as much as we thought. 

Personally I hate uncertainty. I much prefer to know what to expect. To be able to see where I’m heading. Even if it’s not how I want it to be I like to know. I like to be prepared. But the thing about uncertainty is that you don’t know what happening. Sometimes it’s hard to see which way is up. It could be positive or negative. Things could turn out how you want them to, or it could be your worst nightmare. I know when I’m uncertain I always imagine the worst.  I wonder how I will make it through. How I will continue to be who I am. But in doing that I forget who I am. I forget that I am strong. That I am capable. That I am grounded. That I am a fighter. That my track record of making it through uncertain times is flawless. Regardless of the outcome. I wouldn’t say I always make it through completely unscathed but I do make it through. Always. 

So this time, when uncertainty has come to visit I will keep moving forward. Against my desire to run away. Despite not knowing what lies ahead, one foot in front of the other. The old, familiar mind games propelling me to remember that the very essence of uncertainty means anything is possible. 



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