The one about being a fighter

  I am a fighter. Always have been. Hope I always will be. I fight for myself, I fight for those unable to fight for themselves and I try and teach them that they are both worthy of fighting for and that they can fight for themselves. Part of that is being assertive. Part is having a goal in mind. Part is being flexible to changes beyond your control and part is staying true to your values. All sounds really straight forward so far right? 

Until you start fighting against yourself. How do you cope knowing before you start that you won’t win? You can’t win. You’re fighting yourself. You both win and lose at the same time. You try over and over to find the compromise. Part of you pushing one way and part the other. Strength vs intelligence. Logic vs emotion. Your mind catastrophising both sides of the argument in a futile attempt to win itself over. It’s an awful place to be. 

Yet here I am. Still a fighter. To the end I’ll see it through. With courage beyond what I can see because I know I’m worth it.

Special thank you to Kaitland for the image ❤️


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