The one about righting wrongs

Remember the magic of being a child at Christmas? You never knew what you were gonna get but it was always going to be awesome. It’s the kind if excitement as adults we rarely feel now. 
The other day I was asked what my favourite present was from being a child at Christmas. I couldn’t remember a specific one so I told this story instead. 

I was around 7 at the time and my two brothers would have been 5 and 4. My mum always bought the presents for us to give each other and as children, we wrapped them (terribly) ourselves and put them under the tree and tried not to spoil the surprise and blurt out what it was. Anyway that year. my brothers decided that if I told them what I got them they would tell me what they got me. So i naively said yes. I told them that I had got them a jigsaw puzzle each (which i had) They told me they had got me a she-ra doll (from the 80s cartoons he-man and she-ra) I was so excited because it was exactly what I wanted, and I remember the time between them telling me and Christmas Day feeling like it took a decade I didn’t care though, I was getting a she-ra doll!!!! 

 Christmas morning came around and I opened what they had got for me with an excitement I could barely withhold. Only when I ripped the paper off I realised it was something else (care bear figures, still cool in their own right but not that bloody doll I was so looking forward to.) I was so upset that I couldn’t enjoy what I had received which without them lying to me I would have loved. Ironically they were also disappointed by their jigsaw puzzles as they thought I was tricking them too. 

I don’t remember much more from that Christmas or from many of the others I had as a young child, but that single moment has been etched in my memory ever since. 

A few weeks after I entered hospital I had a message from them saying they had a preset for me and to let them know when I was up for a visit. One of them came in the same night I had shared the story with the group in the morning (without knowing). He had a small wrapped (bloody miracle from those two) box under his arm which he gave to me. 

Inside was a she-ra doll. And it was just as awesome as i had imagined all those years ago. Brand new in it’s packaging. Just ready for a little girl to play with it. Just like I had wanted. “Sorry it’s late” he said. 28 years late to be exact. It showed me that not only had I been holding onto that disappointment for all those years, so had they. And they righted that wrong at he best time in my life that could have been possible.  

 So Pete and Nick, you will always be my ratbag little brothers but you have grown into outstanding men, and I’m so proud to be your sister. The fact you remembered after that long and righted your wrong, shows just what awesome brothers you are. Love you both so much. Now off to play with she-ra!!


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