The one where rock bottom becomes magma

There is a phrase people use when you’re at your lowest of your lows. It is usually called “rock bottom”. 
Problem is sometimes when you think you’re there, you’re not, it gets worse and it’s ugly and unfamiliar, dark, cold and scary. it gets worse and worse and the hole you’re in gets bigger and bigger and harder and harder to get out of. 

And then hitting rock bottom happens so many times and goes so deep it becomes magma (that stuff you would find if you keep digging through the crust of the earth) and that stuff burns. The thing about magma burning is that it initiates action. And quickly. You can sit at rock bottom for ages but once you’ve hit magma that’s it. You get out or you die. 


 So now that I have hit magma, slowly burning alive, I ask you to send me the energy I need to get out of it as quickly and as unscathed as possible. Because I can’t do this on my own. 

Some women are lost in the fire, and some women are built from it.

And I want to be remembered for being built from it. 


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