The one about the semi colon. 

Yesterday i participated in a fundraiser for beyond blue who provide support and education for people suffering mental illness. It was run by my favourite tattoo shop designer ink and my friends Ryanne and Matt Reid. 

I had the pleasure of helping them ensure the day ran smoothly. 

Over the course of the day, I saw couples getting matching ones, a family all getting the same one in the same spot and quite a number who for them this was their first tattoo. People were getting them for themselves, and people getting them to support others. The emotion behind the whole day was just beautiful. 

The idea was to tattoo as many people as possible in 12 hours with profits going to beyond blue. 
  The catch was the tattoo had to be a semi colon of some description. There is a movement beginning around the world of people having semi colons tattooed as awareness for all kinds of mental illnesses, but in particular depression and suicide. 

 A semi colon is used by an author in a piece of writing, when they could have chosen to end the sentence but instead choose to pause; (good example hey?) and then continue.  
In the sense of the tattoo it represents a time in a persons life (or support for someone else in this situation) when they could have ended their story but decided not to. 

The appearance of these tattoos on people around the world is helping to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and showing a growing support to those suffering from it. 

 I am proud to say that by participating in this particular event yesterday, I have contributed to raising around $1500 for such a great cause and want to congratulate and thank all those involved for such a wonderful day. 


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