The one about strength through adversity. 

Adversity, (noun) A difficult or unpleasant situation. 


Misfortune, hardship, distress, torment, crisis. Basically life handing you a shit sandwich and expecting it to be eaten. 

My life has had many cases of adversity. Mostly in the last 6 or 7 years.  

I’ve always had the mindset to learn as much as I could from every adverse situation in the hope that it doesn’t repeat itself. Mostly this has worked. Occasionally, not so much.

On this day one year ago, we found out our precious daughter Lyra had passed away. Despite all I had thought I had learnt from our son Michael passing away, history repeated itself. In the most devastating way. It had made no difference what I had done, the positivity I had tried to find in the awful situation, the gratefulness for the lessons my children had learnt, the added gratefulness I had for my other children. The new friends I had found, the fundraising i had done. The counselling and words of wisdom I had given others in the same situation. 

It had not made one damn bit of difference. History repeated. In the most devastating way. And it wasn’t my fault. 

I hadn’t been able to prevent the same situation from reoccurring. And that was foreign to me. Which coupled with what we had just learnt was about the worst thing that could have happened to my heart. Almost like a double whammy. 

I lost my daughter and I lost my philosophy on doing my best to preventing life repeating itself. 

That awful day, I posted on Facebook “when life gives you more than you can stand, you have no choice but to kneel”. Despite literally only a handful of people knowing I was even pregnant let alone what had happened, something I can’t explain in anyway other than magical happened. 

People started typing that they would kneel with me. Literally hundreds. Over half my friends list offered this support despite not knowing what had happened. And I was lifted. My broken heart was lifted knowing people cared about me in any possibility, in any situation. And in those hours I sat crying my eyes out for my lost daughter, having just broken my other children’s hearts and watching Nathan deal with the news himself the number supporting me grew. 

And my heart gained strength, despite, and through adversity. For all of you on that day who supported me, and all those who were not, but would have been, I want to say thank you for helping my heart gain strength through such tragic adversity. 



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