The one about my husbands wise Latin garble 

The other day Nathan sent me this Latin mumbo jumbo. 

forsan miseros meliora sequentur

And he told me to look it up when I had a chance. It took me a few hours to get the time and I had no idea how to even translate it. Good old google rescued me as per usual. And it translates pretty much to 

A better fate awaits.


For those in misery perhaps better things will follow. 

Now admittedly I’m not currently in the best frame of mind.  I’m having to have medical procedures I’m not entirely happy with shortly. 

So for him to send that to me at first I thought what the hell is he saying that to me for? The first translation I was ok with. But the second gives me no hope about the future. For those in misery PERHAPS better things will follow??? Oh yes, rose coloured glasses, or PERHAPS not. In part I wish I never bothered to look into it further as I was happy enough with the first translation and thought it was kind of nice. 

But then I realised that he had sent that to me as something I could resonate with. I don’t know if this new treatment will help me, and if it doesn’t I don’t know where to go from here.

But he recognised that I wouldn’t listen to any of that positive garbage right now. I am too angry and frustrated that yet again, I seem to be in the minority, where things don’t turn out like they should. Sending this was his way of saying I want to keep you positive but realise this is difficult for you right now. So the second translation of the words perhaps did actually lift me a little. 

It was like he was shining a teeny tiny candle in my black hole because he knew i would instinctively shut my eyes to anything too bright. 

So without repeating those words in an almost dead language, perhaps better things await me after my misery. Yes I hope they do, but I, and he, also recognise that this may not be the end of the struggle. We have been in positions like this too many times to be that naive. And it’s reassured me that he is standing right by my side through all this despite better things perhaps not following. But still with the positivity and the possibility that they will. 


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