The one about soul 

Soul. The light from within that brightens the darkness. That filters through the cracks no matter how damaged we are. It may be brightened or dimmed through circumstance but can never be extinguished.   
Not everyone believes people have souls. In fact I’m married to one of them. But personally I believe the soul is the part that makes you, you. Not your thoughts or your feelings or your conscience or your actions. It’s your soul. 
It’s like an inner beauty that shines through no matter what the rest of you is doing. Indeed, there are some who have less than beautiful souls but they are far outweighed by the number of people who have beautiful souls. Some show theirs outwardly and some not so much. There are certain times in our lives when our souls shine and other times when they hide away. 
Then there are the old souls. The ones who you know you can feel have been around the traps a lot longer than the length of their lives. I’m not 100% how I think this happens, (I’m not really a believer in past lives) but I mother one of these old souls. He is wise and astute, profound and knowledgeable. Far, far beyond his 7 short years. I’m not sure where he gets this from but the words “old soul” describe him perfectly. 
I am a true believer that pretty much all of us have beautiful souls, some shine brightly, others hide theirs away securely, but they are all there.

As to where the soul lives, and what happens to it after we die I really don’t know. All I know is I am a true believer in souls and the massive part they play in being who you are. 


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