The one about r u ok day

Today, in Australia, it’s R U OK day. It’s a day meant to encourage the checking up of everyone and asking are you ok? We really shouldn’t need an official day to remind us to do this but a reminder is a good thing none the less. For it is better to ask once a year than not at all. 
Of course there will be plenty of people who are ok and unfortunately plenty of people who will say they are ok even though they are not. But for some people this is an opportunity to open up to someone. To tell them that actually, they are not ok. And it really is a time to listen. To whatever is said. With no judgement. It’s not a time to give advice. It’s not a time to remind people that there are people worse off than them and it’s certainly not a time to tell them that really they have no reason to feel like that. Don’t tell them to keep smiling. Don’t remind them how strong they are. Just listen. 


It’s a time for compassion. For validating someone’s feelings even if you don’t understand them. Even if you can’t see why, or how they can feel like that. Because if someone is brave enough to open up about how they are really feeling then that’s what they deserve. Validation and compassion. 

So today I am asking all of you, whether you know me personally or not, “are you ok?” And I invite you to email me at and I promise you I will listen with compassion and validation. Without judgement or advice. Just a genuine ear to listen. To ask you, if you are ok.

I would also invite you, to ask someone else if they are ok. Even just one person. Even if they say yes they are. It’s an opportunity to show you care. To show them that they are worthy of someone else’s interest. To remind them that they are important. And by asking them today, they may decide its ok to tell you they’re not on some other day. A day when it does feel too hard. A day when they are sad or frustrated or angry or depressed. Or anything else. Because everyone deserves to feel that someone cares about them. And today, that person is me. Are you ok?


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